Monday, November 19, 2012

Brown-skinned dolls that are actually available in stores

Wow. I am really disappointed.
I went to Target this evening to buy 2 pie plates (all sold out btw), and while I was there I decided to look in the toy section to see what sort of brown-skinned dolls they had on the shelves. (See yesterday's post to understand why.)

And the answer is...

pretty much none.

Out of an entire aisle of Barbies they were all the standard blonde Barbie except for 1 brown skinned one way at the top. And there was one Barbie with white skin and black hair among a selection of others... All the wedding Barbies and Holiday Barbies were the standards.

The So In Style line wasn't there at all, so no cute brown little sister Barbies available. I was also sad to see that the My Generation line only carried the blonde and light brown hair dolls.

The truth is, the best doll on the shelves in terms of diversity (without the constant traditional dresses! not that those were even available) was Monster High. And second was Bratz.

For whatever reason kids like the brown-skinned (and green and purple) dolls in those lines and request them no problem. But I guess the brown-skinned My Generation doesn't sell well nor do the brown Barbies.  Either that or I need to visit a Target in a different part of town to see if there is any change in selection.

The whole thing was a real downer experience and it made me glad my daughter isn't even really into dolls and prefers to play with stuffed animals.

It also made me glad I can do internet shopping.


  1. I know this is only very vaguely related, but try Home Goods or Kohls for pie plates.
    (The doll thing is annoying. Boy dolls are not usually cute - but then again, Noah isn't into dolls anyway.)

  2. Ah thank you! I actually ended up borrowing my dads pie plates. We made 6 excellent pies today!! yay!
    And it is true that boy dolls are pretty bleh. Maybe you could do a post of some cute ones you've found if you have indeed found any!

  3. Ha! You know how my life works. My mom made Noah a boy doll. :-)

  4. Huh. Maybe it's your Target? My girls have at least six not-caucasian dolls---a baby doll that can go in the bath, a mini baby doll, a Cabbage Patch Kid, a Little Mommy doll, a mermaid Barbie and a Sea World Barbie---and I think we bought them all at various Targets! Weird that you couldn't find a better selection, especially in SoCal. :-\

    Sonja, Annalie went through a phase when she was about 3 when she desperately wanted a baby boy doll, and we had a really hard time finding one too.

    1. Honestly maybe it is my Target. I really don't know! It's true that there is a really high percentage of white folk in La Verne, but I figure we're still in So. Cal so it's not like everyone else from P-Town and other communities don't shop there. I don't go to WalMart hardly ever, but next time I happen to be in there I'll see what they have.