Wednesday, November 28, 2012

PHFR- Family Photos and Hair Dos


I'm always impressed by the photos Jason takes of the kiddos. I think he does a darn-near professional job!

The adorableness! Christmas card, #2 or #3 what do you think?


These kids do not lack for happiness. Holy Moly they play play play play laugh laugh laugh scream shout laugh run skid "you're it!" laugh run "last one's a rotten egg" and on and and on and on and on and on. 

I'm not kidding. Constant laughter and playing. Now why in the heck do I need to sign them up for after school "activities" that's what I want to know?

I love that they're buddies. 


I'm trying something new with my hair. You know how you're not really supposed to wash it every single day? Yes. Well, I'm not very good about actually doing something interesting with my hair, so many times I either have a flat ponytail or I put it up in a clip. {No I am not putting my hair in alien buns for daytime!}
So I've tried putting my hair in these buns before bed to hopefully have a bit of wave in the morning so my hair can look a bit fuller even if I do end up putting it in a ponytail. 

I'm still a little undecided. 


I'm back to doing puzzles. It must be a winter thing for me. I seriously feel like I invented sliced bread by realizing that putting the puzzle together on a foam board means that it can be moved around wherever and whenever you want. When I mentioned this to some other moms at preschool it turns out this is COMMON KNOWLEDGE. Oh. 

Have a wonderful day!

round button chicken


  1. I'm a winter puzzle fan, too. Thanks for reminding me. =)

  2. Well, for what it's worth, the foam board is a new idea for me! And a great one! Both pics of the kids are super- cute, but I think I'll cast my vote for#2.

  3. The photos are great- natural light is the best

    Thanks for the foam board maybe I'll get out a puzzle ;)

  4. Tough choice on the pictures...they are both very sweet. Can you use both? Pic 3 seems to be clearer shot and pic 2 shows *personality* (well, actually they both do). Beautiful children. Sorry, not sure I've been much help.

  5. I'm with you on the foam board-- I did not know that!!
    and I vote for #2

  6. Great post-- yup, awesome pics of the kids!