Thursday, November 15, 2012

PHFR- The home front

round button chicken

This flag. It's a simple thing, but every time I turn the corner to our street and see my little Autumn flag blowing around it makes me happy. Southern California townhouses are extremely boring architecturally (not like San Francisco townhouses which are just so so neat). The fact that the outside of my home is so completely BO-RING is probably what contributes more than anything else to my constant desire to look at what's on the real estate market. I look and look and look and see scads of super cute houses. But in the end they are pretty-much what we already have except they are a house-house (if that makes sense- ie no wall sharing) and are not fixed up at all and are more expensive. Or they are not in a location that I like.

So in the end, it's little things like putting up a flag and keeping my front entryway cute that make outside of this place feel a tad more individual and homey.

My front entryway! Isn't it cute for fall? I think so.

This chair is a new addition and it's perfect. I found myself coming outside to have a private conversation on the phone or wanting to just sit and drink some coffee in the morning air. My seating choices were either the concrete step (cold!) or a faded plastic yard chair. It's true that when you specifically have your eye out for something, it really doesn't take long to find what you need. About two weeks after I realized that I needed a proper chair outside on the porch I came across this one for $5. I'll get around to gluing the unwinding right leg, but given that it won't be moved much, I think it will hold up for quite awhile!

These girls of mine at bath time get super silly and start bumping around and dancing all giddy with nakedness. They start slapping their legs and everywhere else. I had to tell them "Girls, your yoni is not a bongo drum!"

Thanksgiving is stressing me out. Not because of meal prep or anything! It's because I have a traditional heart and I want to preserve traditional holiday meals and things. Yet this year certain outside-of-my-nuclear-family family members want to have Thanksgiving at a Mexican restaurant and that is pretty much like nails on a chalkboard to me. So I'm grouchy. I do try to be a go-along-to-get-along person. At least I think I do. But maybe I'm not. Maybe I'm just stubborn. Or maybe there are some things that are worth being stubborn about. Like Thanksgiving. And home-cooked meals. And home-cooked meals on Thanksgiving with Thanksgiving food.

Have a wonderful day everyone!


  1. Because of my husband's job, we have to be flexible with the day that we celebrate a holiday (like we get to open Christmas presents on Christmas Day EVENING)- my kids don't have a problem with this because I have a good attitude about it- go to the stupid restaurant (if your husband wants this) and then have a real dinner the next day (you wouldn't be shopping-right?)invite those people who appreciate real food

    1. My husband doesn't want to go to the restaurant either. But we both struggle with how to balance what we want vs. what everyone else wants.
      I'm still hoping we can just have our little Thanksgiving dinner at home and then meet up later for dessert etc... But if we do end up going to the restaurant yes I will make a regular Thanksgiving that Saturday or something. Although it does take some of the holiday-energy out of things. There is something about putting it all together "on time!" for that particular day that is part of the joy.
      But thank you for your encouragement to be flexible. I do need to work on that. :/

  2. Your entryway is charming - every little thing helps!

  3. That chair is adorable.

    I grew up with my mom working for the phone company, and often having to work holidays; and now I'm married to someone in the Navy who is sometimes overseas on birthdays and holidays. So I have a pretty flexible attitude about when and how celebrations happen. I totally understand wanting to do the traditional thing, but honestly---much like worshipping God---celebrating and family togetherness is good whenever and wherever it happens. :-) I hope you're able to find a compromise!

    (Since we're Navy and we move every couple of years, our only Thanksgiving tradition since we got married is that we never seem to do the same thing, or celebrate with the same people two years in a row! I'm kind of proud of that tradition.)

  4. Your entry is the flag; the nestled pumpkin and hidden pine cones add a nice touch, the chair makes it charming - great find!
    Do a small traditional dinner with your nuclear family (and others that would rather eat at home)...but go and have a fun and memorable time with your larger family...bring along a great "Thanksgiving Prayer" to pray with everyone before your meal and remember all your blessings.