Saturday, November 10, 2012

Master Bedroom Challenge!

I went through a stage in high school where I painted my bedroom walls lots of strange colors. I did blue with clouds. Then painted all the walls red. A few months later I painted two of the walls cotton-candy pink with clouds. I was excited about the changes for a short time, but soon I just got annoyed with the color. I used to watch a lot of decorating shows and they would always come in and change an "average" home by putting brave colors on the walls and it always seemed to look really nice and interesting. And I DO love color! But during that time I learned that I don't have the best eye for bold colors and I found that I appreciated the simplicity of a room that just looks clean and nice.

So here is our adult "clean and nice" room. It's clean. It's nice. It looks like a nice place to go to sleep doesn't it? And a nice place to read or crochet. That's all I really want from a bedroom honestly.

The best thing about my bedroom furniture is remembering where my kids were born in relation to the pieces. Hummingbird was born in a tub that was placed to the right of the bed (in our old apartment). LB was born in front of my dresser. Thundercat was born in front of that blue chair. I really enjoy those memories.

Thanks Like Mother, Like Daughter for this fun link up!


  1. Love the window and throw pillow :) I know what you mean about having a grown up bedroom...I feel like we finally have one too :)

  2. I'm really excited that you started a new blog. I followed A Year in Skirts, but honestly, I think it was more because I liked what you posted about your life then just about the skirts. I just did this Master Bedroom post too. All the best with the new blog :-)

    1. Thanks Anastasia! Now I can go see your room too :)

  3. Hi Jamie! Nice new blog :)
    Thanks for posting your bedroom -- it looks very calming and pretty!