Friday, November 16, 2012

How to Make a Moby Wrap for $6

Step 1- Buy 6 yards of cotton gauze fabric. (At the swap meet I got this for $1 per yard.) Cotton gauze will be slightly see-through.

Step 2- Tie a rubberband around the ends to prevent fraying. There you go! You now have a wrap!

Step 3- Hold the fabric out to find the center.

Step 4- wrap it around your waist and criss-cross in the back

Step 5- pull the pieces up and over your shoulders and tuck into the front "belt"


Step 6 criss-cross those pieces across the chest and now tie around your waist in back

You should now have a wrap that looks like this from the front.

Now, see where the fabric makes that v-neck? Hoist your kiddo up and stick their legs through that V so that each leg will go into the space that is under the armpit. 

Spread the fabric across the back and your child will be very secure! And she will be an easier load to carry.  

(I don't usually have to carry quite a load anymore! It was actually quite nice to use this wrap again today and have a quick "baby moment" memory. I doubt I'll have another baby to carry for a very long time. Thank you my little Thundercat for having a hurty tummy today so I could hold you this way once again.)

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